Flying the NOT SO friendly skies

In 2017, the Portuondo family was traveling to Massachusetts via airplane so that their son could participate in a lacrosse tournament. While the flight to the tournament went without issue, the flight home was quite the opposite. 

After the Portuondo family arrived at the airport to begin their trip back home, they made their way to the check-in counter. To their surprise, the airline was not allowing their son to check his defensive lacrosse shafts because they were one inch over the allowed baggage size. The family was told by the manager that in order to check his sticks onto the plane they will have to pay $250 in extra baggage fees. Not exactly what a family wants to hear after spending the weekend trekking around a college campus in the hot summer sun, eating nothing but vendor food, being burned out from watching more than a dozen lacrosse games, and all they want to do is get home. Unfortunately, the Portuondo family didn't have much of a choice; it was either pay the fee, or leave the $400 worth of lacrosse shafts behind at the airport. 

With that being said, the family paid the fee and continued their trip home safely and soundly. However, not without regretting to have a more convenient lacrosse shaft to travel with. Save yourself the hassle of paying excessive baggage fees and get yourself one of Twin Lacrosse's TRINITY shafts. The first 3-in-1 lacrosse shaft that is both cost-effective and convenient.