Three ways to get the most out of your TRINITY shaft

Three ways to get the most out of your TRINITY shaft.

#1 - Do you have a child just starting out in the sport of lacrosse? Does he know which position he wants to play? In most cases, kids just starting out in the sport have no idea which position they want to play. This causes quite the financial predicament. Lacrosse sticks, up to this point, are not a one size fits all deal. They actually come in three main sizes; 30", 40", and 60". The 30" shafts are used by attackmen and midfielders. The 40" shafts are typically used by goalies. And the 60" is used by defensemen or long stick midfielders. If a child doesn't know what they want to do, then a parent is charged with the task of having to buy at least two of those three differently sized sticks. Costing parents upwards of $300. This is why the TRINITY shaft design is perfect for this type of player. Whether your child ends up playing attack or midfield, or defense, they won't have to buy more than one stick. Because of the TRINITY shafts two-piece design your child can simply disconnect the two 30" shafts and use them as individual sticks, or connect them using Twin Lacrosses patented interlocking system to play defense. Now you have not only alleviated having to haul more than one stick out of the store, but you have also saved at least half of the cost.


#2 - Travel lacrosse programs are very prevalent nowadays. Parents spend a lot of time and money traveling to different tournaments and events all year round. In some cases, families have to travel via airplane in order to reach the next tournament or event. Mind you, parents have already paid around $1,000-$1,500 just to have their child play on the team. Not factoring in the cost of equipment, plane tickets, food, etc. These are just the basic expenditures when associated with a travel program. Meanwhile, most airlines have an additional fee of $100-$250 to check your child's defensive stick onto the plane because it exceeds to allowed limit. This is where the TRINITY shaft comes in handy...As stated earlier, airlines charge for oversized items (60"+). However, they do not charge for items that fit safely into either your carry-on bag or suitcase. With the TRINITY shafts ability to be broken down into two smaller 30" shafts, it will fit safely and securely into your carry-on or suitcase. Thus, saving families possibly hundreds of dollars in excess travel fees.


#3 - Now for the coaches out there. There are so many player development benefits to the TRINITY design. Let's look at the push-buttons first. Not only do the push-buttons lock the two 30" shafts together, but they also act as reference points for where defensive players should have their hands when driving an offensive player away from the goal. Many times a young player will have a penalty called on them because their hands are too wide, and they have been flagged for "cross-checking". Now with the push-buttons as solid reference points, that player can more easily remember to keep his hands close together to avoid a penalty, and play solid fundamental defense. Another great teaching point is for those defensemen who lack in footwork, and rely on their stick to control an attackmen or midfielder. This makes for a very lazy defensemen, and typically will result in a lot of penalties served. With the ability to quickly convert from a 60" defensive shaft to a 30" shaft, a coach can easily remove the bottom half of the shaft making the defender use a shorter stick. Thus, teaching the defensemen to use sound footwork to contain their opponent and not rely so heavily on their stick. These are just a couple of teaching benefits. 

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