About Us

Lacrosse can be a very expensive sport. Costing parents and players close to $1,000 in equipment alone. 
That is why Twin Lacrosse has developed the first 3-in-1 lacrosse shaft.
In 2016, Twin Lacrosse founder, Brian Calandruccio, created the TRINITY shaft. A 60" defensive shaft that can be broken down to TWO legal length 30" shafts. With its patented interlocking system, the TRINITY shaft offers players the ability to play multiple positions without ever having to buy more than one stick. The TRINITY shaft also offers the convenience of being easily stored in a players bag, or in the trunk of their car. 
The Technology
The Twin Lacrosse shaft is a proprietary design that was recently approved by the NCAA and NFHS. The design is a defensive lacrosse shaft that contains an interlocking system. The interlocking system allows for the shaft to be easily broken down into two shorter and equal length shafts. Therefore, making traveling with a defensive lacrosse shaft easier and more convenient. Not only will this stick be able to function as a full length defensive shaft, but when broken down, the two shorter shafts are legal lengths and can also be used during regulation play.